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Job description for field front officer

·        Completion of the SEARCHAQUA.COM training program

·        Demonstrate experience as a field officer

·        Canvas shop keepers and business owners to register on SEARCHAQUA.COM

·        Communicate the company's services to shopkeepers and business owners

·        Facilitate registration for shopkeepers and business owners as required

·        Assist shopkeepers and business owners to solve issues related to registration

·        Collect relevant information from shopkeepers and business owners

·        Give report to supervisors about activities with shopkeepers and business owners

·        Participate in marketing and sales campaigns organized by SEARCHAQUA.COM

·        Maintain good knowledge of company services as required


  • Job description for supervisor

·       Understand shopkeeper's and business owners' needs and offer solutions and support

·       Organize and coordinate the field front officer's schedule

·       Recruit, hire, and train front officers

·       Supervise front officers

·       Receive and report all sales by front officers to the country manager

·       Answer potential and existing customer's questions and follow-up call questions

·       Assist front officers to resolve issues related to sales

·       Work with front officers when closing sales

·       Track weekly, monthly and quarterly performance, and sales metrics

·       Assist front officers and the organization to meet and exceed  goals

·    Maintain good knowledge of company services as required



Job description for social media manager


  • ·        Analyze shop keepers and business owners expectations
  • ·        Develop social media campaigns for SEARCHAQUA.COM
  • ·        Define KPI and KRA for social media campaigns
  • ·        Duplicate social media content across all channels
  • ·        Engage shop keepers, business owners and followers
  • ·        Use social media marketing tools to enhance productivity
  • ·        Monitor  SEO with web traffic metrics
  • ·        Establish  relationships with social media influencers to develop  strong network
  • ·        Develop contents or get it done by a content developer
  • ·        Keep an eye on social trends across all social media platforms
  • ·        Communicate with content developer, country manager and CEO as required
  • ·        Maintain good knowledge of company services as required